Zofran-Related Heart Defects

The powerful and effective drug Zofran was originally created and approved to treat nausea and vomiting in surgery patients and patients undergoing chemotherapy. But because the anti-nausea and anti-vomiting drug Bendectin had been taken off the market in the 1980s due to concerns that it caused birth defects, many doctors treating pregnant women who were experiencing morning sickness turned to Zofran to provide them with relief. While Zofran was effective in alleviating nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, it has recently been linked to serious birth defects in newborns such as heart defects. As a result, those mothers who were prescribed Zofran while pregnant and whose children were born with heart or other defects may be entitled to compensation.

What Heart Defects Can Be Caused by Zofran?

Various studies, reports, and lawsuits have shown that the risk of a fetus developing heart defects increases significantly if the mother has taken Zofran while pregnant. Because most symptoms of morning sickness occur during the first trimester of pregnancy, and because a fetus is most at risk for developing birth defects during the first trimester, it is no wonder that fetuses whose mothers take Zofran can develop heart defects such as:

What Are the Symptoms of a Heart Defect?

Some children are born with heart defects and never show any symptoms during childhood. Some may never show any symptoms during their lifetime at all. However, some heart defects are severe enough that medical intervention is necessary. If your newborn or young child exhibits any of the following heart defect symptoms, medical treatment or surgery may be necessary to prevent future complications:

  • A whooshing or swishing sound noticed when listening to a heartbeat with a stethoscope;
  • A failure to thrive, gain weight, or appearing small for his or her age;
  • Shortness of breath after crying, eating, or light play;
  • Hard or rapid breathing;
  • Rapid heartbeat;
  • Paleness; and/or
  • Cyanosis, also known as “blue baby syndrome

What Compensation is Available if My Child has a Zofran Heart Defect?

When your child is born with a Zofran-related heart defect, expensive medical treatments or surgeries may be necessary in order to correct the defect. Not only this, but either or both parents may need to miss time from work in order to care for the child. This says nothing about the emotional trauma and mental suffering that can accompany these types of injuries. These can all be compensated through a successful Zofran heart defect lawsuit.

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